Policy Priorities for 2019-2022

1) Nurturing our community

  • Caring for our neighbors in need through an expansion of the Homeless Compact and investment in community support through our non-profit partners.
  • Focusing on public safety by ensuring that our police force has the resources it needs, hiring only the best candidates and doing careful due diligence to vet new recruits, and fostering a partnership between police and the community.
  • Providing enough places to live, but doing it smartly and fairly through proper analysis of proposed developments and zoning changes, by fighting for expanded tenant rights, and refusing to yield to special interests and profiteers.

2) Investing in our growth

  • Building a Smart city — I want San Leandro to be among the most innovative, efficient, ecologically friendly, and forward-thinking cities in the country. We are investing in high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems, sensors to monitor energy and water consumption, and a new solar energy system at our wastewater treatment plant - all of which will save us money and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Increasing investment in public infrastructure, including expanding access to the city’s free WiFi, as well as new resources for repairing and improving our roads.
  • Attracting new businesses by expanding the Lit San Leandro Loop to all areas of our city, promoting San Leandro as a destination for businesses, and streamlining our City Hall operations so that when businesses need permits or support from the City staff, we can serve them quickly and accurately.

3) Preparing for the future

  • Planning and saving to meet our obligations to public employee pensions.
  • Creating a strategy for keeping our residents safe and healthy in case of a major emergency or natural disaster, including access to water, communications systems, and training and simulations for city staff.
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