A City Where Kindness Matters

A City Where Kindness Matters

During my first term as Mayor of the City of San Leandro, I adopted a slogan: “A City Where Kindness Matters.” I had the slogan printed on the back of my business cards, and I speak about it whenever I can. The slogan gives me confidence, guides my decision-making, and helps me to maintain focus on the things I believe in, including being kind to the earth, to each other, and to ourselves. To me, kindness means giving people the benefit of doubt and helping lift people up instead of bringing them down.

Kindness has been at the heart of my mission throughout my life. Early in my career when I taught preschool, my priority was to prepare my students to be kind individuals. I hoped they would develop an innate kindness they could carry with them throughout their lives. One small act of kindness multiplied across individuals can make a significant impact. That’s what I taught the children, and that’s what I’ve tried to demonstrate through programs and partnerships I’ve established for San Leandro.

As I embark on my campaign for reelection, I’m also recommitting to my vision for San Leandro as a city where kindness matters; a city with safe neighborhoods, strong schools, and a vibrant quality of life for all San Leandrans. Kindness is the thread that runs through these priorities, and the good news is that kindness is spreading.

Since taking office, I’ve seen kindness take root in a variety of ways, from the way the police department treats homeless people with dignity and respect to the students and teachers at Madison Elementary School who participate in the Kids for Peace Great Kindness Challenge to recognize leadership, community service, and thoughtful acts of kindness. Kids for Peace made me an official “Kindness Ambassador” for making San Leandro a city where kindness matters!

These are just a few of my accomplishments as Mayor that reflect the impact kindness and collaboration can make on our city:

  • I helped negotiate a compact between Building Futures and the Renters Association to secure housing for 25 of our most critically homeless residents.
  • I hired a sustainability manager to lead our efforts to save water and energy and to review every major project through the lens of sustainability.
  • I worked with the city council to take some of the difficult steps required to begin reforming the city’s pension system.
  • I supported Lit San Leandro, the public-private initiative to install a fiber optic loop to attract a new generation of businesses to San Leandro as well as improve our library and schools.
  • I led San Leandro’s participation in the Global Cities Team Challenge (GCTC), a national event where cities share best practices and work collaboratively to solve problems.
  • I was elected by my peers at the U.S. Conference of Mayors to serve as Vice Chair of the Women’s Leadership Alliance to support and develop women mayors and magnify their voice within the Conference.

These are exciting times for San Leandro, and I am running for reelection so I can continue leading the city to greater economic prosperity for all of our citizens.

In future blog posts, I’ll discuss another touchstone of my career—collaboration—and I will profile some of the many partnerships, organizations, and leaders who make our city great.

I would also love to hear from you. I hope you will continue reading the blog, visit my website to sign up for my newsletter for updates and volunteer information, and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates about San Leandro and my campaign. Or just email me if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share.

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